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Bet Online For Selangor Turf Club

If you love horse racing, then you must bet online for Selangor Turf Club. It is one of the most credible online betting platforms in Malaysia. Here, you have the freedom to choose a horse to start a rewarding game. Every unit of bet can cost RM5 and the minimum dividend is about RM6.

To help you understand more about betting at Selangor Turf Club, the following is a helpful guideline for you.

  • Place

You must pick a horse to finish first, second, third place. In this horse racing game, there are seven or more runners that are competing to each other. With this, you must carefully choose a horse that can possibly reach on the first or second place. Every unit of your bet can cost RM5 and the minimum dividend is RM5.

  • Quinella

In this type of game, you can pick two horses. These horses must be first and second in any position. Its other names can be Forecast/ Forecast 2. The bet unit costs RM2 and the minimum dividend is RM3.

  • Exacta

You can select two horses to finish first and second in correct order. In this game, the amount of players is less than seven. So, there is a great possibility for you to win and receive exciting prizes. Other name for this is One Way Forecast. The unit bet costs RM2 and minimum is around RM3.

  • QPS

In QPS, you must select that must finish in the first three positions. The cost of your bet is around RM2 and minimum of RM3.

  • Forecast 3

You must choose three horses and finish on the first, second and third place to win. The unit bet costs RM2 and minimum dividend is RM3.

  • Trio

You will choose 3 horses that can finish, second and third in any order. With the great options of online betting, you can have an entertaining play.